Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

This statue was in front of the town hall of Akkeshi Town.
The title was "Quantum Leap". Most of the municipalities need some kind of breakthrough. I visited Akkeshi Town for a certain project to bring this town kind of twists in the promotion of its produces and products.  
This is the town hall of the municipality of Akkeshi. So cool, isn't it ?

We also need the cooperation of Akkeshi High School that merged with Akkeshi Fishery High School that had produced the chefs for ships and fishermen.
The building of the high school was not so big but it produces many sailors and fishermen who work on this globe.
The fisher men's association was also the entity we had to "greet" in our business jaunt this time.
Beautiful red bridge called "Akkeshi Oh-hashi"connects the mainland side of Hokkaido and the peninsula. Originally, the peninsula flourished earlier than the mainland side. Without this bridge, Akkeshi town can not keep the integrity as a municipality.  
Can you see the small shrine with a gate on the sea ?
The island was much bigger before than now. Land sinking took off the area where a high-end Japanese restaurant  was run for VIPs.
Tomorrow, I will be able to post the photo of the island taken many years ago. In fact, VIPs were entertained in the restaurant on the island before. Can you believe that ? I am not sure global warming and greenhouse effect worked in this regard or not.

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