Singaporean Shrimp Noodle in Sapporo City !

by Chis.

At last, we committed a breaking taboo in the Singaporean restaurant "Kopitium" after savoring Taiwanese cuisine in the night. Yes, we had so-called "wrap-up ramen noodle soup" even after pigging out Taiwanese culinary delight.
This advertisement picture was on the wall of the Singaporean restaurant.

"Sing, Papaya! " was the title of the movie film that was played in Theater KINO in Sapporo City in October of XXXX.
It might be the story of gay people.  
Prawn noodle soup seemed to be the flagship menu of the restaurant. I've never tried prawn noodle soup in Singapore but the restaurant provided a variety of noodles flavored with prawn broth soup.
This rice noodle is very thin and with a cup of soup flavored with prawn broth. It might be better than the one my hubby chose.
This is my choice in that night.
My hubby chose thick yellow noodle soup topped with pork spare rib and veggie.
My hubby regretted his extra pounds on the next day and he preferred the shrimp noodle soup of "Gen-an" I posted on this blog site before to this thick Singaporean noodle soup.
The pork spare rib was so soft and had enough collagen that worked for our skin so much.

As I forgot to take photos of the entrance of the restaurant, I asked my hubby to take photos of the restaurant on his way of Jogging next morning. So calm early in the morning, he said.

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