Where is It ?

by Chis.

Above is Taiwanese so-called "raw" spring roll. Different from that of in Vietnam or Thailand, the rice paper is like fajita in Mexico and the United States.
On the right is "Ruroh Fan" rice bowl topped with sauteed minced fatty pork.
This is grilled beef ramen noodle soup. Can you imagine that we hopped to the next restaurant after pigging out these Taiwanese dishes and bowls ?
This egg noodle seemed to be made in this hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Susukino Area of Sapporo City. The soup seemed to be miso-, fermented soy-beans paste, base.
This is the entrance of the hole-in-the-wall Taiwanese restaurant like a apparel to sell the clothes for kids. It may be difficult to find out this Taiwanese paradise but please try it and savor the cuisine !
You can find the details of it at http://tabelog.com/hokkaido/A0101/A010103/1044717/

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