Scenery from the window of the train to Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

I am sorry for failing to post the photos of the landscape from Sapporo to Akkeshi but I was so tired to the extent I could not read paperback in the train for a while.
The photos that I took from and in the train were not good. It was the real.
 To be honest, I would like to ask the Japan Railway Company to improve the seats and make them comfortable to sit on. They seemed to ignore the ergonomics and to have given damage to my hip.

It was raining on the day. Sunshine ? Yes, it is comfortable but the rain also gives us God's bless and rich produces. On top of that,the rain gives a sacred and mysterious atmosphere of deities to the landscape.

 We passed by Obihiro City in Tokachi Sub-prefectural area where various famous confectionery are headquartered.
 Ikeda Town is very famous in Japan as the place that has "the Wine Castle" where quality wine is produced for a long time.
The Pacific Ocean was colored gray. Even for me, it was not the situation to dive into the sea. In coming summer, I will have to dive into the ocean in front of Akkeshi Town for securing the safety of the project currently we are planning.