Eastern sky !

by Chis,

On our way back from Kitami City, my hubby's hometown to Sapporo, it was cloudy. But considering the direction we were heading, it could  be said that it was best for driving.
Yes, as we were coming back from the east to the west, too much sunshine could wore us down while driving.

I am so sorry for my finger that spoil the scenery but the catching the shutter chance was so difficult while driving.
We were entering the Kamikawa Plain where the second biggest city in Hokkaido Asahikawa spread its area.  
Driving on the highway is more  comfortable even in Hokkaido than doing that in the main island of Japan, Honshu.
At that moment, the paddy fields were not cultivated enough but now the green stems and the leaves are growing rapidly in each part of Hokkaido.
Different from the season of the vivid green, we can get the perspectives of each region because the leaves do not hide what are behind that.
This kind of drab color in spring and autumn provokes us to hit the road to hot spring spa.
It was getting fine and the lay-out of the clouds was becoming the typical pattern of northern area on the globe.
One and half hours from here to Sapporo City could be expected.
Our sweet home sweet was waiting for us as well as sweeping by us. House chores would be done by my hubby in an hour, I thought !

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