Ramen Restaurant "Noburin" in Engaru Town !

by Chis.

The smell was so nice and yummy and the taste went the kings road of the way of Ramen, I think. My
hubby said that the soup was a little bit sweeter than other most popular Ramen restaurant in Hokkaido.
The flag ship ramen bowl of the restaurant in Yasukuni, Ikutawara area of Engaru Town was burned soy-sauce-flavored ramen bowl.
The noodle in the bowl seemed to be made by "Morizumi Noodle-making Company" in Sapporo City because it was thick, a little bit transparent and so tasty.
The owner place the importance on the talk, link and friemdship of the friends. The family of the owner seemed to be riders of motorcycles.
It is on our way from Sapporo City to my hubby's hometown Kitami City but for us, it is a little bit difficult to have lunch in this restaurant because of the timing to pass by the area.
Its parking space around this building is enough for many visitors.
Please try it when you visit the eastern part of Hokkaido !  

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