Japanese apricot, Matsuri parade and Ramen !

by Kazu

Different from the main land of Japan, Japanese apricot blossoms start to bloom after cherry blossoms. So vivid colors follow the pale color of cherry blossoms.
 Sour and salty Japanese apricots "Umeboshi"were made of this fruit.
Some local festivals for shrines start be hold in May and June. The sacred portable shrine for each large shrine is carried around the district considered to be ruled by the shrine.
 The shinto priest and board members of each shrine make a long queue to show the district and the lives of the people to God in the portable shrine.
The traditional shinto music "Ohayashi"is being played during the parade. Is the sacred portable shrine like the sacred box for "Torah"of Jewish people ?
This is the reason I got the extra pounds these days. Yes, "wrap-up" ramen noodle soup. This is Kushu Island type made of broth extracted from pork with bones.
The salt and fat in the soup remain in our body for a while with water. But the collagen works so much and I can feel that when I touch the skin of my neck.
 The noodle of Kushu Island Type is very thin and tend to swell faster than thick one. So we can choose hard type noodle.
Chopped leek should be on top of the noodle but my wife picks them up and puts on my bowl. Chopped Judas's-ear, boiled sprout were also on the noodle. Considering that the name of "Barikiya" ramen noodle soup restaurant is everyone's lips, the Kushu Type noodle soup grabbed the stomach of the people in Hokkaido.

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