Viva, Matsumae Town ② !

by Kazu

Can you find the black seaweed on top of the fried fishcake ?
A dozen of the seaweed paper costs 4,000 Japanese yen, approximately 40 US dollars because mamas in Matsumae Town picked up the raw seaweed and spread it on the straw mat with their hands. The dried seaweed called "Nori" gets the value added by those moms.
 Mr. Watanabe was satisfied with his performance and hospitality shown in the event with the mayor of Matsumae Town. He proposed a toast for the success of the promotion for his hometown.
Sorry for failing to post the entrance of the venue for Matsumae promotion on the first introduction of this event. This is the entrance of the Japanese Izakaya "Funamoriya Bettei Aburichaya" facing "Tanuki Kojhji"that means "raccoon dog avenue" in Japanese.
My friends were discussing on how to wrap up the night with my wife.
It seemed that we had to wrap up with so-called "Shime Ramen" that means "wrap-up ramen noodle soup. Mr. Koichi Matsuoka posed for taking photo after their determination for the rest of the night.
We dropped by "Tori Soba" ramen noodle restaurant. I went to "Spicy Fermented Soybeans Paste Noodle Soup called "Kara Miso Ramen" topped with tasty and fatty boiled pork flavored with bonito and chicken broth, I think.
Most of them selected soy-sauce based ramen noodle soup which is the flagship ramen noodle soup in the restaurant.
My wife picked up salt-based ramen noodle soup because although she took part in another gala, she could not have enough meal.
"Kara Miso" was "Me Gusta" but it might be too late to take such fatty and salty food in a day. Actually I got extra pounds. Approximately 3 kg after the series of binge drinking last week.
It took four days to shed the extra pounds. I felt the decrease of my metabolism.
Ah, looking these photos stimulates my appetite so much !

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