Sunagawa Highway Oasis !

by Chis.

We dropped by the highway oasis in Sunagawa City where the famous confectionery "Kitakarou" was established and headquartered in.
So many many sweets are produced by this company but the Baumkuchen baked above is one of the flagship sweet of the confectionary.
A long line of passengers were in front of the counter that sold ice cream. We were allured by "Venezuela Chocolate ice Cream".
This is Venezuela Ice. I could not get the reason why it is called like that.
Bitter sweet taste may be for adults.
Apparently its color was different from the normal chocolate ice cream.
It struck my fancy so much that I would like to get the promising lead on the namesake.
This is Sunagawa Highway Oasis next to "The Kiddy Land".
I ma not sure if the coloring is so popular to the passenger or not but so many people swamp to the area everyday;)