Washoh Ichiba in Kushiro City !

 by Kazu

"  As-you-like Rice Bowl" can I call in English ? It is called "Katte Don" in Japanese.
I dropped by "Washoh Ichiba" in Kushiro City before leaving there for Sapporo on way back from the business jaunt to Akkeshi Town.
 I chose "Sashimi" which means "Sush-grade fresh fish" in Japanese, of Salmon roe called  "Tokishirazu", salmon trout, squid and Hakkaku fish like a small Sturgeon from a variety of sushi-grade fresh aquatic creatures shown on the right.
Basically, this kind of city market that has the special connection with fishermen directly opens early in the morning and place the priority on the hospitality as well as the quality and freshness of the seafood.  
 So many tourists and citizens were enjoyed their own arrangement of rice bowls topped with healthy and delicious seafood.
The garbage should be put into the boxes. Needless to say, the recycle system seemed to be near perfect.
I had to spend four hours in the train after leaving this market.


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