Akkeshi Prefectural Nature Park !

by Kazu

The seaside line in Akkeshi Prefectural National Park is filled with the lookout to stop by and indulge in the scenery.

Kushiro Airport is the nearest one to reach Akkeshi Town but Nakashibetsu Airport and Memanbetsu Airport are also available and convenient to go around the eastern part of Hokkaido.
 Akkeshi Town has the Natural Flower Park featuring Siberian iris called "Ayame-gahara".You can see the beautiful field of blue gratis.
This is Akkeshi Oh-Hashi that I posted yesterday. It connects the southern area of Lake Akkeshi and the northern coast. Its vivid red of arch is the icon of the town.
Tomata coast has many lookout point from where Kojima, Daikoku Island and Pacific Ocean can be seen. The coast road is so narrow and winding that it requires concentration  to drive along the coast.
Cape Aicappu is one of the most popular spot for couples. The perspective of Akkeshi Bay can be seen from the lookout on the cape.
This object is called "Bell Arch of Love" and is rung as the symbol.
The rocks are called "Meoto Iwa" that means the rocks of spouses . It is said that if you see the rising sun between the rocks with your spouse on January 1, you two will stay fit and happy for the year.
Daikoku Island famous as the the paradise of seagulls and other avian creatures. In summer, a bunch of the fisherman's boats to pick up the kelp in the ocean can be seen.
Belkanbeushi Ushi River is flowing in Bekanbeushi Marsh  and is the best for canoeing in which you can find something that can be found only in the nature away from the town.
Nenohi Park is known as one of the most beautiful place with cherry blossoms in spring and Oyster Festival is held there in autumn.  

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