"The Guide Rouge Recommends" again ⑧ !

by Chis.

Above is the relief of red-crested white cranes that is the special natural monument of Japan albeit they are the migratory avian creatures that go around between Siberia and Hokkaido.
Hokkaido deer called "Ezo-shika" in Japanese drawn on the left is much bigger than that in main the island of Japan.  

But they are a little bit smaller than Elk in North America.
They are now giving the fatal damage to the produces in farms of Hokkaido.
The wood carving  made by Mr. Takizawa was exhibited at  the entrance of Tsuruga Resort. It seemed that the horse and the girl were blown by the wind that ran the surface of the green field.  
I am not sure if the flowers used in this arrangement were grown in the field of Hokkaido or not but the motif seemed to be apparently the nature world deep in Hokkaido, I think. They were not the artificial flowers so they might cost ?????

Some viewers may have seen this photo. This is the the entrance of the hot spring spa on top of the original building of Tsuruga Resort.
"Ama-no-hara" which means the field in the sky.  
This scenery could be seen from the changing room. It was so nice to see the mountain and the surface of the lake as well as the bed of the bottom.
It was getting cloudy over the mountains but it did not spoil the comfortableness to say in the hotel because it had been a part of the beautiful scenery deep in Hokkaido that showed the dignity of deities.
Many people including visitors to Akan area have been allured by the landscape and the blue or gray sky over the mountains and lakes as well as something they felt in this area. It may require the special courtesy and respect to pay in order to see what is the "something";)

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