Cultivation of Oysters in Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

Akkeshi Town is very famous with fresh, tasteful and energizing oysters cultivated in the fertile bay of Akkeshi.
Originally, the fertile bay produced so much oysters without artificial intervention.
 Large and fat oysters had mushroomed naturally in the bay before but now they should be cultivated albeit it seemed that some huge oysters survived as I will post tomorrow.
There is two ways to cultivate oysters in Japan. The one is "Culti" way making use of the scallop shells and another is "single-seed" way making use of small particles of scallop or oyster shell. In "Culti" way, many baby oysters stick to the shell of the scallop. In this case, the fishermen have to take the grown oysters off the scallop shell by hitting the oyster's shells with hummer.  
But in the way of  "single seed", each baby oyster sticks to the particle of scallop or oyster shell after drafting in the sea water and eating enough Plankton. As the baby oysters stick to the small particle of the shell, fishermen do not have to break the shell of the oysters and each oysters can be shipped without breaking up.
This is the laboratory to raise and increase the plankton as the feed for oysters and other cultivated creatures in the ocean.
These are Phytoplankton raised in the laboratory.
They are raised in these tanks and the water will be condensed to feed oysters and other creature.

To be continued.

Have a nice weekend !

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