Izakaya "KYOU " !

by Kazu

It seemed that the Japanese bistro "Izakaya KYOU" had been opened by the restaurateur who is running "Fukurou" in the office building of Hokkaido Prefectural Government and "Wagan" near Hokkaido University.
A shell of oyster landed on the port of Suttsu was sold for 99 Japanese yen on the day.    
The bistro was in the basement. Like other office building in downtown, bars and other bistros were in the basement.
Without the sign of the bistro, we might not be able to find the bistro like a hole-in-the-wall.
The starter was sushi-grade fresh and sliced fish such as Atlantic salmon, halibut , bonito, yellow tail and mackerel.
Smoked and pickled radish, boiled chicken intestine flavored with fermented-soy-beans paste were for refreshing inside the mouth.
Medium rare chicken and  sliced onion might be the main dish.  Needless to say, we had to hop to the next table to fill up our stomach even after drinking enough alcohol.
To be continued.

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