Zero Emission Town Shimokawa ① !

by Kazu

This is one of the isolated community of Shomokawa Town that is struggling to make its ideal world comes true with a variety of schemes and goodwill born by the people inside and outside of the town.
 This is where some of the key persons to revitalize the town are working and struggling to realize their dream.
The name is "Eki(Station) Cafe Ichinohashi".
Our division mainly to maintain and revitalize the sparsely populated area in Hokkaido visited the cafe in the town from where an able civil officer is dispatched to our division.
 Approximately twenty staff visited the cafe and the tour in the town started as well as our lunch on the day.
The starter was so tasteful cold pumpkin soup well-strained. After the drive for two hours, it refreshed us so much !
To be continued.

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