Yoichi Hokkai Sohran Festival !

by Chis.

The annual summer festival in Yoichi Town spread its area to the premises of NIKKA distillery. This distillery is open to everyone as usual but the visitors might have increased due to the TV drama based on the story of Mr. Masataka TAKETSURU, the founder of the distillery who gave special support to SUNTORY distillery established near Kyoto.
This is the grain supplier in the distillery. 
This small building is the original office of NIKKA Distillery where the founder and his wife Rita who came from Scotland where Mr. Taketsuru learned how to make high-quality whisky, struggled to establish real whisky business in Japan.
The safe is now vacant but the capital collected by selling fruits and fruits juice before the first barrel of whisky was shipped, was in it and administrated.
So aged clock and furniture are displayed in the office as they were.
Milling house is still working for the best whisky for the happiness of people.
It may be a little bit hot inside the house.
The museum of NIKKA Whisky is well-organized and translation was added.
This is the first barrel of his art in this distillery.
The procedure to make whisky is shown with photos and transcription.
The history, kinds and the whole life of the whisky barrel is described with nice photos.
Even now, the grains were heated with peat in the distillery.
The premises of the distillery was well-desighned as if Mr. Tketsuru forecasted it will be the place many people would visit and spend their time there.
Is this layout of the buildings are like in Scotland ?
This is Otaru Yacht Harber seen from the shopping mall Wing Bay Otaru.
I will post the photos of the tour arranged by Shimokawa Town tomorrow. Please be looking forward to the Zero-emission town !

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