Zero Emission Town Shimokawa ② !

by Kazu

We enjoyed this buffet style lunch in the cafe of Shimokawa Town. Normally, this cafe does not serve such buffet style but just for us swamping to the cafe, the chefs showed their excellent skills in the courses of culinary delights.    
I ate up this amount of food on a wooden dish. One surprise was on this dish.
I thought this piece of meat flavored with ketchup was made of pork. But this was not meat. This was Japanese traditional "Fu" made of wheat like bread. The taste and the feeling in the mouth was that of pork, to be surprised. You may be able to shed the extra pounds in this community.
 This is real grilled chicken wing.
This steamed and flavored rice was so nice to have for our health.

 How do you like the design and the interior of the cafe ?
He is the chefs are from the outside of Hokkaido and trying to live in Shimokawa Town. They seemed to have decided to live in the town for good.
 They said that they had chosen Shimokawa Town because it had been struggling to establish Zero Emission Town making use of the woods produced on the mountains around the town.
Kudos to their deciision and efforts !

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