Hydrangea macrophylla (Thunberg) Seringe !

by Kazu

It may be the season of Hydrangea. Beautiful blue, violet, and pink flowers can be seen here and there around my condo and Hokkaido University.
They make me imagine the rainy season in the main island of Japan but in Hokkaido, without the uncomfortable humidity and heavy rain, we can appreciate the beautiful colors of pretty flowers.  
Listening to the sound of rainfall, I like to nod in my condo. I knew a beautiful lady who loves Hydrangea in Tokyo. I am wondering what she is doing. I was declined to send delicious food of Hokkaido any more by her father. I do not have contacts with her now but I am really concerned about the future of the lady. I only keep my fingers and toes crossed for her beautiful and happy life. Is it curious ?