Italian restaurant in PASEO Sapporo Station !

by Kazu

I forgot the name of the Italian restaurant in PASEO of Sapporo Railway Station. Before, you could ate as much pizza as you want in the restaurant but when I visited there last week, the system seemed to have been abolished. Even so, the lunch set of the restaurant was so nice with quality dessert.
Chicken and spinach doria energized my wife so much after the exhausting battle in her office on week days;) She seemed to have had tough time as one of the management in the company.
I chose the spaghetti topped with salty cod roe and mushroom. The radish paste seemed to refresh in the mouth every time it was conveyed with spoon. Dried sea weed and labiate leaves created a comfortable harmony with white sesame.
I  report the name of the restaurant and post it later.    

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