Korean taste is so nice, speaking of food !

by Kazu

"Korea may not be helped by the American Force because Japan may not agree to let them use the base and the airports in Japan for the purpose of saving Korea because it is extremely difficult to get the consensus for that in the nation". As you may know, Japanese diplomat  had to say that in the conference to let the Korean diplomats recognize how serious damage was given to the
 relationship between Japan and Korea by the daughter of  Mr. Pak who assassinated many years ago.

But the food culture of Korea should be admired even now.
Korean cold noodle soup was my choice for dinner on the day.
It was good for my stomach on the next day of binge drinking. We have to think about the real benefit for individuals and the nation seriously.
Sliced cucumber and apple were the topping as well as prosciutto.
Korean BBQ can not be savored in this restaurant but other good part of Korea can be recognized in this restaurant. The name is Shijan and the URL is
Have a nice weekend, contemplating what is the best for the nation !
My wife chose sizzling stone rice bowl "Bibinpa" that contains sprout, Judas's ear fiddle heads and meat. Korean spicy paste "Kochu" can be used to deepen the flavor. Mixing up all the ingredients in the sizzling stone bowl, put them all on the surface of the bowl. You can eat the crisp rice-cracker-like portion.

The entrance of the Korean restaurant is shown below. Do you like Korea ?


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