Cape Shakotan ② !

by Chis.

We went down to the ragged beach of the horn of Cape Shakotan. The last time my hubby enjoyed snorkeling around this area, I was annoyed by many mosquitoes  that bit me while he is in the sea.  
  1.  Some kids were swimming in the sea but the kids seemed to be bearing the coldness of the water.

It was very calm on the sea that I almost dived into the sea without diving gear.
Above the sea level was like this but I would like to show you the landscape in the sea. That was so attractive and addictive even in the northern sea.
There was no tropical fish but sometimes that can be seen in hot summer. The warm current brings such fish from the south. Before those fish passed away in autumn or winter but nowadays, some of them survive because of the greenhouse effect.
Not so beautiful but yum and delicious fish were swimming in the ocean.

Some caves were there in the water but it may be dangerous to explore into them. In some area, swift water flow may draw your body into the deeper level in the sea. Please be careful !


  1. Hello,

    I am from Malaysia. I am planning a visit to cape shakotan this August 2014. Can you please let me know what did your hubby see whilst snorkeling in the sea ? Is there any place to have a shower after snorkeling in the sea ?

    thanks and regards, Loke