Numata Festival in Sapporo ②!

by Kazu and Chis.

Since we established this website to introduce the beauty of the scenery, culinary delights( not only for the culinarily  adventurous on this globe), and the amazing phenomena on this island, the number of accesses to this stage seems to have reached to 33,000 in this month.    
Fit or vegetable dishes and courses were displayed in the Japanese bistro, but what can I say for the courigious  

We really appreciate the attention and attendance of you all to this blog site and show it in thos occasion beside the photos of the mayor of Numata Town. Yes, he is in hiss orange T-shirt inside the counter table of the Japanese bistro.
What do you think he was preparing for ?
To be surprised, the mayor of Numata Town himself was on his toes to make up the very best buckwheat noodle for the guests in this occasion at the end of  this party.  
Mr. Kanehira, the mayor of Numata Town is keeping to call the shots for the future of Hokkaido including his districts.
Mr. Yokoyama has been and is the key person to make dreams come true. He has managed to juggle the hectic amount of administrative chores and  cutting-throat situations.
The quality rice that had been in the snow, yes! "Setchumai"which means "the rice crop slept and kept in the snow" in Japanese create the very best of taste in Numata Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido.  
It became like a sales gala for the fun of Numata Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido in the night. I have to refer to the fact that the Japanese bistro called "Izakaya" in the-most-Japanese was filled with  the love and goodwill of the people who love Hokkaido including Numata Town.
headed by Mr. Kanehira, Taiwanese windmill concerned and the  situation.
To be continued

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