Numata Festival in Sapporo ③!

by Kazu

Above is the main dish of the night, grilled hamburger, mushroom, aubergine and bell pepper produced in Numata Town. Needless to say the ketchup was made from tomatoes picked up in the town.  
Mr. Kameya was invited to the stage by the MC of the party and introduced his town, produces, products and hot spring spa called "the hometown of light-emitting beetles".  
 Mr. Kozano from NEC Inc. joined to our table where my former superiors were savoring the culinary delicacy sourced in Numata Town.
 The mayor of the town Mr. Kanehira paid courtesy visit to Mr. Takeda, Director General for Public Companies, Hokkaido Government.
Mr. Tsukuda, Director for Land Planning and Water Control handed his current business card to the mayor.

 Vice mayor of the Town Mr.Jin also paid visit to our table and extended his appreciation.
Mr.Kozano from NEC Inc. was introduced to the mayor and vice mayor. I hope new "breaking-through" will be arranged by this encounter.
 I think these kinds of communication and relationship will be kept for good, I mean, as long as we live on this globe.
Mr. Kanehira has planned and will plan a variety of promotions for the town. He is one of the few genuine strategists in Japan. I have to give him a strong and continuous support for his town to break through the compiled challenges to be faced.  
Numata Town will be the model case to get over the challenges of sparsely populated are of Hokkaido.
Mr. Masanobu Sato of the municipality of Bibai also paid a courtesy call to our table and greeted to Mr. Kozano. Some kinds of chemical reacts may be occur by these two gentlemen in the not-so-distanced future.
 Jazz session started in the middle of the party. This bistro was designed to accommodate various kinds of events.
Nowadays, the people may be parsimonious when it comes to parting with their hard-earned money for restaurant meals but many people are struggling to revitalize and promote their hometown. It may be a uphill battle but they never stop to challenge.

 I believe these members will make it !
Have a nice weekend !

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