Wrapped up with Ramen Noodle Soup !

by Kazu

We had to wait a little bit in front of the ramen noodle soup restaurant "Ichiryu-an" after the beer bash in the bistro "KYOU".
I chose "energizing miso-taste ramen noodle soup" called " Genki-no-deru miso ramen". The souvenir set including boiled and special flavored pork for topping can be bought in the restaurant.
This is soy-sauce-based noodle soup. The noodle was comparatively thick like spaghetti.
 I remember that the Champon noodle soup in Nagasaki City, Kyushu had also thick noodle like spaghetti as well.
I prohibited to pig out so-called wrap-up ramen noodle soup after binge drinking myself but after picking up the tub for my staff, one of them offered that and I accepted naturally.
 This is miso, fermented soy-beans, taste ramen noodle soup. Basically, I prefer miso-based soup but it must be dangerous for us forties to have such fatty noodle soup near midnight. Are you still young enough to shed extra pounds, say three kg in two days ? It is so difficult for me now ;)