Cape Kamui ② !

by Chis.

There is a white light house on the horn. The strata could be seen beside the lighthouse. The wave and the wind carved the hills.

The rocks on the seabed should be covered with kelp and seaweed but the light blue part is the symptom of  Calcification.
Ironically, the white part of the seabed seems to be like that around coral islands.
I hope the afternoon calm of the Sea of Japan will lead to the best relationship between the opposite peninsula or the continent and our islands for the next generations.

Don't you think that the hate spiral may be good to keep the status of the presidency of the daughter even after the mandate but must spoil the future of the next generation of each area?
Many wears ago, the off shore of this peninsula scared the people as "the Sea of Devil" and it was believed that if you took a female with you on the ship around this area, your ship absolutely would be wrecked by the deities.
But the superstition was broken by the special envoy of Tokugawa dynasty. After that,  no ship wreck happened around this area albeit the females on the ship that went through this area hide themselves behind the board or straw mat.

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