Tenka Ippin Ramen Restaurant Explored to Sapporo !

by Chis.

My hubby's favorite ramen noodle soup group headquartered in Kyoto established its branch in Sapporo City in Susukino Area of Sapporo City .
Nakajima Koen(Park) subway station is the most convenient to reach the branch.
 Precisely speaking, "my hubby's favorite other than Sumire Ramen Noodle Soup restaurant in Sapporo".
The name means "The best and only one in the world". The soup is so thick and tasty. I think the recipe is like Demi Glace Sauce of French cuisine albeit I suppose chito make chicken breast and leg are used to make this impressive soup.  
Moth orchid is the popular present to the newly opened restaurants and shops in Japan. Most of them were raised in Akabira City in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido. It seemed that the business associates and the businesses that have contracts with the restaurant sent these flowers.