Cape Kamui ④ !

by Chis.

There were many points where is difficult to pass through for the people on the wheelchairs to reach the horn of Cape Kamui.
 It might be tough even for the people of hard core physical buff.
Behind the cliff was marvelous in this season.
Wild yellow lilies called "Ezo Kisuge" in Japanese were on the steep hillside of the cape.
They were sticking to the rocky cliff on both sides of the cape.
We had to go up and down to reach the horn.The name of the game was to enjoy the scenery but the tourists had to keep watch on the ragged trail.
The horn of the cape was keeping to be carved by the west wind and the waves, Apparently barren part was exposed to the air.
 The lighthouse on the horn of Cape Kamui was described as the one on "the Forbidden Place."
The white and black lighthouse is now calmly accepting the tourists from various kinds of area on this globe.
I will post the transcript of this sign tomorrow !

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