The description on the horn of Cape Kamui !

by Chis.

Here I post the translation of this sign on the horn of Cape Kamui as I promised yesterday.

 Here we introduce the harsh hard life of the lighthouse- keepers who exert their best efforts for the safety of the ships around the clock  with the spirit of keeping the light at  the northern end of Japan, as well as the respects paid by the people in this area.

"I bear a grudge against you, deities ! Why do you stop females ?" is part of lyrics from the popular folk song of Esashi Town that full-flourished with herrings fishing.
This Cape Kamui shows its beautiful scenery to the visitors but it had been known as the most dangerous three cape in Hokkaido.
When the lighthouse was established in 1988, three lighthouse-keepers were worked and commuted from the nearest community that was 4 km away from the lighthouse, going up and down on the ragged trail to the horn.  
A little island could be seen on the sea from the lookout on the horn.
 The beautiful coast line led to the southern part of Hokkaido. A bunch of white flowers like hydrangea caught our eyes.
This white flowers were the best to this steep hillside of the cape, I thought.
It was getting cloudy again and the fishermen came back to the shore.
 I regretted that I didn't have swimming gears be able to with the small island and rocks.

To be continued.

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