TV Tower Restaurant !

by Kazu

Above is the scenery from the window of the restaurant o the third floor of TV Tower in Sapporo City.
We threw the party for the management of our division there.
The starter was the mixture of sushi grade fresh tuna and spicy veggies with herb. It really stimulate our stomach and appetite.
 The second was Chinese xiǎolóngbāo
 and steamed & flavored sticky rice wrapped with bamboo grass.
The main dish was also Chinese cuisine fried chicken and veggies with pineapple. Stout beer fitted to a T with this dish.
 It was getting dark and the outdoor lights started to make the harmony with the darkness after the magic hour.
A certain idle group of Japan visited the tower while we were drinking but I am not sure the name of mushrooming idle groups in Japan. I apologize for my negligence. The outdoor bee garden was so nice to enjoy summer evening in Sapporo City. The beer gardens in Ohdori Park Area are the seasonal draw of Sapporo City. Why don't you enjoy that in the short summer in Hokkaido !    

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