"Hokkai Sohran Festival" was held in Yoichi Town 2 !

Photos by the Municipality of Yoichi
Words by Kazu

Basically, Japanese festival should be held for the rapport of the community praying for the safety and the prosperity of the area. Historically, each festival has been held in each district of the shrine.
Alluring the people from other part of the island and communicate its fascinating resource to the world are included in the purpose to throw the party but the priority is that the citizens enjoy themselves in the festival.
It is nit the Japanese dance competition but each team do their best after practicing for many days.
The west coast of Hokkaido was pioneered earlier than other area of Hokkaido so you can easily recognize the difference from other part of Hokkaido.
The mascot character had to show his hospitality to the citizens and the visitors even under the glaring sun. Kudos to the apple man !
Everybody seemed to be so happy while dancing.
A fisherman's ship was decorated with the light bulbs on the sea.
Fireworks are "the must"in the festival. Millions yen were donated for the fireworks in each city, town and village. The fireworks technicians have to hop around from sea to sea particularly in summer.
Their works of art leave the striking impression with something in our mind every year. I am eager to participate to the binge drinking with the experts of fireworks after the performance was wrapped up in the night !

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