Would you live in the Zero Emission Town Shimokawa ?

by Kazu

This is one of the townhouse run by the municipality of Shimokawa.The maisonnette type seemed to be preferable for young couples.  
 The second floor has a pantry and a built-in desk beside the heating system delivered from the central boiler of this community.  

 The stairs may be a little bit steep but the handrail help the residents to go upstairs.
 The bath tub may be too small for couples loving each other.
The room has a small deck facing the small flower garden  and lawn.
 The corridor of the townhouse also has hand rails and is covered with sheet glasses and walls for perfect barrier free. Without them, the corridor might be invaded by heavy snow.

 A battery charger for electric vehicles were set near the townhouse.
This is the heat generating and delivering system of this community" Ichi-no-hashi".
 The fuel of this boiler is sawdust that is automatically supplied from the warehouse next  to this room.
 Preparing for the contingency, double boilers are working for the green heat-generating system.
 The sawdust produced by the key industry of the town was stocked in the warehouse.
This is the photo of the townhouse is taken from outside the townhouse community.
 A hare could be seen near the heat generating system.
How do you like
the visit to Shimokawa Town, so far . The visitors may be fascinated to live in the town, I think.
The chef of the cafe in Ichinohashi area also plays the role to deliver the fresh food to the community. This is one of the countermeasure against the sparsely populated area.  
The speakers of the vehicle were shouting around the community with the quality fresh veggies and nice smile.
Kudos to the chef of the cafe who came to this town in April.

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