Annual event for us !

by Kazu

Absolutely, these photos are not the ones taken last year. My wife and I chose July 6(Sat.) as the date to savor the best sea urchin of this year .
"Ezo bafun sea urchin" and "Purple  sea urchin" were the target of the day.

The orange one is Japanese green sea urchin called "Ezo bafun uni" in Japanese and the pale one is Japanese purple sea urchin. The former is said ton be more tasteful the n the latter.
The soup contains sea weed and the broth was made from shrimps. It was so healthy and tasteful.

Please enjoy the appearance of the gift of nature that should be appreciated so much.
 The sweetness of the orange one made me forget everything for minutes with the fatal bite.
The leader of DPRK was also grabbed his heart by this fascinating color and the taste.

 The salmon roe added special twist to the gorgeous rice bowl.

 The restaurant is run by a fisherman in Shakotan Town.
 I've not tried the restaurant on the opposite side of the road.
This restaurant is the oldest one in this peninsula but as it was not prohibited to smoke in the restaurant, sometimes you may have to savor the delicious seafood inhaling the smoke of other tourists, unfortunately.