Yunni-no-yu, Hot spring spa in Yuni!

by Kazu

First of all, this cheese-taste snack is  irresistible !
This is fried rice-cake , so harder than cheetos made of corn. Tougher and crispier than corn-basis snack so worth more than 525 Japanese yen, I think and so does my wife.  

Yuni Garden has a wonderful hot spring spa in its premises and many citizens of Yuni Town and neighbouring  towns soak in the bath and get the second wing.
I could not take photos that shows its perspectives so please check more clear view at  http://www.yunni-spa.com/
It also has the accommodation with very nice furniture. I am planning to book my host family in Albuquerque, New Mexico  
in this hotel next year. Access to the airport is nice and the circumstances are excellent. How do you feel abot the plan, Kathleen?
I will send you email soon.