Garou Waterfall in Shimamaki Town!

by Alan

The cove was so beautiful in the morning.
I jogged along the coast and elaborately watched the life of the people.
Fishing nets were hung out on the line or bar to dry. Fishing shops are along the road and open even early in the morning. Of course, a shrine and a temple were on the mountain side of the  road.
The breakfast was typical Japanese cuisine. Grilled cod called "Hokke", sauteed aubergine, fermented soy beans called "Natto" ,salted squid and some other amuse.
It took 20 minutes to reach the parking area for visitors to the Garou Waterfall. Very narrow winding road lead to the camping site  but bear bell is necessary to keep you safe. 
The official web site of Shimamaki Village is at  http://www.vill.shimamaki.lg.jp/
but described only in Japanese.
Getting off the car, It took approximately 20 minutes to reach the waterfall from the parking area, and 30 minutes to return.
Very narrow path was rebuilt again and again after the landslides caused by heavy rain and heavy snow fall. but in the last construction, the poles turned to be replaceable and taken off before winter.
Many creatures come across the path. Snakes, lizards, insects and small birds greeted me. The steps were not so slippery and wooden chips filled the path. It is good to my knees.
This mountain can be get over by car or motor cycle and the road leads to adjacent Kitahiyama Town. When I tried the road, only two bikers passed by on my way to Kitahiyama Town.
This is one of the huge rocks left on the hillside after the landslide caused by heavy rain. I do not recommend to try this area during heavy rainfall.
This is Garou Waterfall. It is worthwhile. This area is filled with minus ion and natural healing power, I thought.

An aerated water spring is near the entrance of the path to reach the waterfall. The water is called "dragon water" and come from the bank of the small river. A cup was on the spot for visitors.
This waterfall is eligible to the 1000 beautiful waterfall in Japan and actually it was selected. 

The water is very cold even in summer. Visiting this waterfall in summer is strongly recommended by the village. It is not necessary to eat out of the hand of travel agency and municipalities involved but even my wife could reach the waterfall so everybody can easily enjoy this beautiful scenery, I think.  
Great spots to visit are here and there in Hokkaido. It may be too short to visit many attractive place in Hokkaido before winter. I would like to dive into the sea again before winter! 

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