Juugoshima (Fifteen islands) Park in Sapporo City again!

by Kazu

It seems that all the mistakes we've made must be faced today. If the negotiation among some countries did not go well about their own territories, an economic special area should be designated for the benefit to all the countries involved. We have to find the way that will be accepted by the pertinent stakeholders. We are the generation whom was handed down the difficult problem to solve. I believe that we can make it!

Last Saturday was fine for BBQ and good for stuck negotiation. Everybody should sit on the director's chairs around the grill, drinking beer. Some good ideas to solve the problems between the countries must be come up with.    
As you may know, Japan is the country of clean pure water flowing through the beautiful forest. So if any conflicts between the persons or people, we say "flow the problem in the water" to step into the productive stage. It may be difficult for the brainwashed people filled with hostility to compromise but some intelligent people are there in both countries. Arrogance shown to the neighbouring countries will be contemplated enough by international community without mianzi and guanshi.
Sophisticated manner must be required on the international stage but it may be difficult for arrogant countries with some enemies.      
Besides, critical bilateral negotiations can be set in such comfortable situation? Table manner shows the background of the people.

This time we grilled saury on the bank of Toyohira River in Sapporo City.
Just salt and lemon are required for the saury in autumn. Sooooooooooooooo, nice!

Potatoes and pork steak are the must in the outside BBQ for us.
My wife can not eat grilled chitterlings because of the smell but some crispy pieces attracted her this time. Winter will come soon. Before snow falling, let's hit the road and enjoy the outside activities in Hokkaido!  

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