Housui Winery in Iwamizawa City!

by Alan

Thank you very much for the MVP award in August ! I will make the most of the coupon for collecting informations on the hot spot in Hokkaido!
Today, I will send you the by-line article abot winery in Iwamizawa, named Housui Winery. The address and contact are as follows.
The cashier of the souvenir shop of the winery is on the left. Not only the quality wine but also interesting items are sold in this building. 
TEL(0126)20-1810 FAX(0126)35-7200
役員代表取締役 倉内 武美

I thought the wine produced in this winery is a little bit to sour for me and it is getting sourer after opening the bottle repidly. Females may prefer this type to dry taste.

Controling the quality of wine is very tough job for the wine makers but Mr.Kurauch, the owner of this winery and vinyard is still struggling to provide
people with the quality wine every year. A seasonal web magazine of Hokkaido, "Hokkaido Walk-a-pedia" that has a close relationship with this English blog will post the information and interviw with Mr.Kurauchi and other owners of winery or vinyard in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido in October. Please check the web magazine at

Sorry for failing to take photo of the building from outside but you can see the building and perspective of the winery at

Hornets and deers ate up a part of the vinyard including the cluster of grape last year, so in some winery, no wine could be made unfortunately. But this year, we can expect nice wine, I think.

Currently, something like a country festival can be seen on the second floor of the winery.The decoration stimulates our mind for binge drinking in autumn. Halloween? May be so.

Textiles, crafts, greeting cards and other attractive items are sold like in the harvest festival.

Accessories amd candles are the ones made in Quebec, Canada where is one of my favorite place to stay particularly in Autumn.

The winery is very calm waiting for the grape that will be picked up soon.

I tried "gappa" in Italy before but three glasses of it was enough for me. I prefer the real bona fide quality wine with dry taste! 

Ice cream is so "in" in this winery that many tourists drop by this winery and buy bottles of wine and ice cream. Eating the ice cream while watching the vineyard is strongly recommended by a variety of touring magazines.

The scenery of the vineyard may make you feel as if you are in Burgandy of France. Is it too much to express? Please visit and have a look on the vineyard!

What are you planning for this fall ? Would you mind if I post the words with photo of the other wineries and vineyards in Sorachi ?

Let's hit the road to enjoy our lives in Hokkaido to maximum!

The photo was taken from the deck on the second floor of the winery. Tourists are eating ice cream in front of the annex cottage.

The deck has enough space to place tables and chairs like in outside but this is not the restaurant to have lunch or dinner. It's a pity.

Eating culinary delicacy sourced locally with quality wine on the spot is the typical pattern of vineyards in North America and Europe. These vineyards and wineries will develop to the point where other famous valley that has nice wineries and vineyards on this globe in full flourish?

I hope so and it may be the start of the legend of Sorachi valley!
I would appreciate it extremely if somebody could kind ly help this dream comes true.
Producing enough safe and delic\ious food for the people on the world is getting more important mission for us the residence in Hokkaido including Sorachi sub-prefectural area where a half of the rice in Hokkaido is produced.


  1. I do love wines so much and I do love to visit wineries. Never been to this place since then. Thanks for the share.