Juugoshima Park in Sapporo City!

by Kazu

I think this is one of the most popular day-camping area where the citizens can enjoy BBQ very comfortably. The name of the park is Juugoshima Koen of Sapporo City. The river is not so deep and is safe for kids even if the parents had binge drinking on the bank.
Today's dinner: fried onion, french fries T-bone steak, Jingisukan lamb, chittering and pork from Shiretoko area that was listed on the world heritage of UNESCO. That area produces quality meat of pork, beef and chicken.
Of course, beer-taste drink is accompanies.
My wife can not drink a sip of alcohol because of her alergy against alcohol. Should I thank to her more for driving our car after I drink?
Yes, of course! But considering my contribution and devotion of my lifetime to her such as foot massage of everyday, payment for 2 laptop computers, whitening aesthetics treatment to take off the speckles on her face, it may be a appropriate and balanced return if I shrug off my snoring beside her at night.
It is getting dark after sunset. We can listen to the kids laughing or weeping along the river flowing. The charcoal was a little bit wet so it took a while to start BBQ today.
After soaked in the special sauce, the beef looks so nice! Yami, yami, yami!
Sometimes after heavy rain fall, this area is closed because the river gets wide and deep and to avoid to fall the victim of swamped water It will be closed tomorrow. We will have heavy rain tomorrow.
Only one group remained and started BBQ without flush light or headlamp.   
The end of the party is coming. Let's call it a day. 
 But the fire stays burning. One more drink, can I have?
To forget everything that annoyed me last week.

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