A small guest to the facility of the quiz!

by Kazu

A black-socked guest visited to the parking lot of the facility for the quiz of the month.
It may not be good to give food to such kind of guests but many tourists feed them,actually. I know the fox that carry a red saucer to appeal to the tourists and gain something to eat near this area.
Many foxes have been hit by cars as a result of feeding by the tourists affected by a very famous TV drama "Kitano Kunikara" which means "From the northern country" and by the natural desire to cuddle pretty animals. Is it easy to live with wild animals? Many wild animals are increasing around the area listed on the world heritage and going west eating up the produces that were raised by farmers. What is the golden middle?
We are struggling to reduce the damage brought by the deers in Hokkaido.
They learn. But are we learning the way to kick out the deers from our living area and veggie fields? All the mistakes we've made must be faced today!            It's not easy now to face the truth for most of the people on this globe but we have to right the wrong and hand this beautiful world to the next generation, I think.  Have you got the right answer to the quiz of the month for September and what kind of song I love?
I am straight but I love this song! 

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