Winner of the quiz for September !

 by Kazu

Congratulations, Mr.Evans!
You seem to know everything about Hokkaido.
Yes, "international convention" and "motorcade" was the key word to the quiz.
As I might have mentioned before, this hotel was opened during Japan had been enjoying bubble economy. The name was APEX Resort at that time. After the economy in Japan nosedived and the main bank Hokkaido Takushoku Bank called Takugin went bankrupt, the hotel drifted in the chaos. 
In those days, the hotel could not expect Chinese or Taiwanese tourists who traveled in luxury. So it was so difficult to image  the target to approach and invite mainly.

Now that the high end user from Korea, Hong Kong, Taipei, Australia and other part of Japan stay in this hotel, the owner and manager of the hotel can make ends meet even if the cost to run the hotel is comparatively higher than other hotels in Hokkaido, from the bottom-line point of view.

As a result, this entrance received the leaders of
eight developed countries and G8 Summit was held in this hotel, hosted by the central government of Japan.
This hotel is at the top of the mountain, so security staff could easily screen out the strangers and rank and files.
The motif of the design is a full-fledged eagle on top of the mountain.  Each end of the wing is the space for suite rooms on each floor.
This building is near the main entrance. It is the chapel for new-weds, I think I heard.
The blue tower at the center is the elevator tower to carry the guests to each floor.
After entering this hotel from the main entrance, the mountain view and Funka(eruption) Bay can be seen from the huge window.
Opposite side is the lake view and the stage where the leaders of G8 developed countries were taken photos.
This is the diorama of Lake TOYA. Active volcano Mt.USU and Mt. Showa Shinzan is at the bottom of the photo.
This wing is opposite side of the main entrance. G8 Summit Memorial Terrace is on the lake side.
This area has received many kids and their families for camping, who suffered from the earthquake and O-tsunami in the eastern part of Japan. Some of them decided to move here to live running bakery, cafe or souvenir shop.
The hot spring spa is in the annex to the hotel.
Fireworks can be seen every night in this area. luxurious hotels, papa-mama BB,  middle class hotels with hot spring bath are around this lake.
Of course, very comfortable camping sites are here and there in this area. This is one of the best place to have quality time with your partner.

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