Pollyanna-ish Climbers on the top of Mt.Meakan-dake!

 by Kazu
I am not sure the peak of Mt.Meakan-dake belongs to which municipality, Ashoro Town or Kushiro City but this time, my wife conquered the peak of the mountain.
Two years ago, we tried the peak but my wife was scared so much by the crater of the volcano that erupting gas and steam as well as the steep hillside near the peak of the mountain.
The rocks near the top were covered with icicles developed horizontally because of the strong wind on the surface at that time. My wife was not able to move forward anymore and I took the photo of the peak and came back to her immediately.
 This time, after checking the weather carefully and discussing on if we should try or not, we decided to climb the mountain at 11:30 a.m.. Many other trekkers have already started to climb before we entered the trail. The scenery was not so good because the peak and the crater was covered with cloud but that was the reason why my wife was successful to reach the top of the mountain.  Briefly speaking, what scared her before was invisible this time thanks to the fog and cloud near the top.

 At the middle of the mountain, the scenery was so nice and clear that we could see the mountains around Mt.Meakan-dake, albeit my clothes are drenched with my sweat and smelled. 
Lake Onneto can be seen from the hillside.lake Onneto has a hot spring near itself. Somebody released small tropical fish that could live in freshwater and those fish increased in the
 freshwater with appropriate temperature. These adventitious fish were taken away to preserve the indigenous species later.  It was not cold during our trial to the peak but a little bit too humid.
Needless to say, my wife and I have sore thighs now and feel difficulty to go upstairs in office.

 It took five and half hours to reach the top and return two years ago but this time four hours because we hurried up to avoid the saturation rainfall in the mountain. Mt.Meakan-dake is 1,499 meters high and recommended to novices.
I am very pleased with her getting over the traumatic memory of giving-up just 200 meters before the peak, as a Sherpa for her. I never climb the mountains without her request to help her. Near the entrance of the trail that leads to the peak of Mt.Meakan-dake, there is one of my favorite inn with onsen, hot spring bath, Nonaka Onsen. the hot spring water smells like sulfur and camphor. It is so good for the body wore down with climbing and trekking. I strongly recommend this hot spring bath from the bottom of my heart!

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