Men Men in Iwamizawa City!

 by Kazu

It is the successful case of soft-landing in which a part of construction company stepped out to the other business area.This construction company turned to a Japanese thin noodle "soumen" restaurant.
The name of the restaurant is Men Men along the Route 12 in Iwamizawa. It had been next to the original building of a  construction company in the residential area of Iwamizawa City. After getting popular in Iwamizawa City and grabbed  the  the heart of  citizens, the restaurant made its national roadside debut in Iwamizawa City.
Different from the former prefabricated house in the residential area, this new building has the counter, table and Japanese style table in it.
 Soumen and Butadon set contains the thin noodle with broth-based sauce bowl, grilled pork with teriyaki sauce and rice bowl topped with half boiled egg for lunch is 850 Japanese yen. The topping of the noodle can be selected from fermented soy beans Natto or yam paste.

Minced chicken and scrambled egg with rice bowl costs 800 Japanese yen. Every lunch set is recommendable ! Constructors know the twist and trick to allure the citizens after trying various kinds of restaurants and diners, I think.

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