Uphill battle against deers 2!

 by Kazu

Sorry for failing to update this blog yesterday. I was so tired after setting up the gadget to kick out the deers from the farm in cooperation with the municipality of Kuriyama and private company Ohta Seiki Inc.in Naie Town, that developed the gadget.
On the left is the wolf shit imported from North America in order to fend off the deers that eat up the produce of farms.
 It smells fishy and does not work to ward off the deers at all. "Only the day he pesticides the veggies, the deers don't eat them." said the owner of this farm Mr.Aoyama said.
On the right is the trail of deers. Watching the footprint of deers carefully, it seems that one huge deer jumped up this cliff with only one leap.
 The trap for deers were set beside the end of electric pulse fence of 10,000 volt but the deers detour around the trap, apparently.
  Then we set this gadget named "Monster Beam" as a trial. The fame of this gadget could not be recognized so far albeit TV news program and some newspapers reported some farmers, JR Hokkaido, JR Western Japan, JR Toukai etc. had already introduced this gadget to fend off deers.

This gadget "Monster Beam" was invented by the CEO of Ohta Seiki Inc. Mr.Yuuji Ohta who was inspired by the fact that many kids had had an epileptic seizure while they had been watching the animation of TV program Pocket Monsters glaring strong light and stimulating the brain of the kids.
   Actually this gadget emits strong light from the light bulb coloured white, yellow, red and blue at the moment the infrared sensor recognizes the temperature of deers or bears. At the same moment, the sound of  lions or elephants roaring, the alert voice of deers, or the sound of gun shot is sounded from the speaker loudly.
Even for the adults like me can not gaze at the light. So far the soybeans field owned by Mr.Aoyama  has been damaged by the deers  and he have patrolled his fields every night but it is expected that he will be released from the burden of patrolling.
  "The colts of deers were not afraid of him and his car and followed his car despite their mom keep them from getting close to the human and car. The kids have not learned that the human may kill or catch them ." said Mr.Aoyama.
Mr. Sakaguch, the director for industrial revitalization of Kuriyama Town and Mr.Aoyama must have checked the effect of this gadget last night but I've not got their report yet today. I hope Mr. Aoyama will be released from the patrol and raise the glass for the success.

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