Mt.Maruyama 2 in Sapporo City!

 by Alan

Anybody knows the name of this flower?
Many plants of this kind are along the trekking course to reach the peak of Mt.maruyama. It was so pretty but subtle.
Originally, it was said that eight million deities were in this blessed country Japan. Everybody thank enough to every deity helping the people and live with minimum food modestly in Japan.
Watching these trees, I think I can understand the mentality of original Japanese people. These trees have been watching the people trekking this course for years. They have a living life. Why don't they have their own soul and thought!
Absolutely, these trees have the power for something even if they can not walk around, giving something to the creatures in this forest.
This route map and sign are at the entrance of the trekking course of Mt.Maruyama. The parking lot for the visitors to Hokkaido Shrine is near the entrance. If you say yes to the question " Will you visit the shrine?" by the staff of the parking lot, the first one hour is free of charge but 500 Japanese yen is necessary for another one hour. 

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