Sapporo Autumn Fest!

 by Kazu

The annual autumnal festival started on September 14(Fri.) and will end on September 30(Sun.).Of course the stands of the popular restaurants in Sorachi sub-prefectural area attract the citizens of Sapporo City and let them make the long line waiting for their term.
 Skewered grilled chicken and pork, yakitori provided by Fukuyoshi in Bibai City is one of the big draw in this festival and there is a long line in front of the stand.
Kuriyama croquette and its croquette burger from Kuriyama Town is another big draw beside the stand of Fukuyoshi.
Hokkaido wine stand also attracts many people and provides wine from Sorachi, Tokachi, Oshima sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido. From Sorachi, Maoi Winery, Yamazaki Winery, Utashinai Taiyo Farm, Housui Winery are showing their presence in Odori Park.
From September 27(Thu.), the stands run by the restaurants from Sorachi sub-prefectural area will increase dramatically and the sales will increase by leaps and bounds.
 It is the anniversary year of the sister relationship between Munchen of Germany and Sapporo City and beer festival is now being held in Sapporo Factory Atrium in east downtown.
Oh! I found the stand of Indian curry restaurant Bombay Blue in Iwamizawa City, Andy! I've not tried the flagship restaurant of Bombay Blue but will try this weekend!  
It's a pity that I  recognize this obelisk for the first time in my 46 year life but I remember Washington,D.C., Paris, and Egypt where I visited with my wife years ago.
Ramen stands are also popular everyday, particularly at lunch time and near the wrap up time. It seems that the people drunk tend to eat ramen, Sapporo egg noodle soup as the wrap-up bowl of the party.
 it seems that much more people are enjoying the food and drink in Odori park in Sapporo than the Odori Beer Garden was set in summer. different from summer beer garden in Odori Park, people can sit on the lawn having dinner and drink.
Sapporo TV Tower is illuminated beautifully every night and this night grazing more on the retina of the people.
Even in front of Sapporo Station of JR and Daimaru Depaertment store, Wine & Italian restaurant is drizzling happy atmosphere to the people.

Much fewer people are in the drinking area but the number of the people in this area will increase late night. But the ending time has got earlier than before because the stands and vendors may make other restaurants in Sapporo doop.
What do you make of it?


  1. Haha Kazu, I actually went to the Autumn festival on Saturday and saw the Bombay Blue stand. I said hello to Jimmy the owner and enjoyed some tandoori chicken washed down with a beer!