The British Garden in Yuni Town, Yuni Garden!

 by Kazu

Do you know that the hill of 1.02 millions of Linaria, in other words "Spurred snapdragon", a variety of gardens with  British taste can be seen in Yuni Resort without crossing border.
I have never heard boos and catcalls from the people who visited Yuni garden and resort.
 I could not take good photos of this garden yesterday, so please check the beautiful scenery of this garden at http://www.yuni-garden.co.jp/

Not so many people were inside the building yesterday but it was so comfortable for me that I bought some snacks for 525 Japanese yen.
 To use the lawn mowers in this garden, it was fine with dry wind and moderate temperature.
It seems that the insects in this garden are preparing for winter in the situation of larva or pupa.
 Yuni Town does not have a roadside station with locally-sourced veggie and other produce as well as products made in Yuni Town and neghbouring towns.
I bought the cheese taste rice cracker on the left for my wife as a souvenir but i was so hungry on my way of business jaunt that I ate up the half of the bag.
 This is the fried burdock sold as a snack. Most of the snack is 525 Japanese yen for one plastic bag. Is it competitive price, considering the payroll of the tourists from abroad?
Melon taste jelly made of Yubari Melon by Patisserie  Hori is one of the biggest draw in the company.
 This soup curry was developed by this Yuni Resort Company recently and got the main display space in this Farmer's Market.
As you may know, Sorachi Valley produces good wine in this five to ten years. These bottled wine named Saikonso is made in Maoi Winery of Naganuma Town. Located on the Maoi hillside overlooking the town of naganuma, is Maoi Winery which forms a part of Saikonso, a small farm run by Mr. and Mukai.
Please check the details of the wineries and vineyards in Sorachi sub-prefectural area at 
next month. Sorachi sub-prefectural area is featured with wineries and vineyards.
long noodles are popular in Japan and other Asian countries as a symbol of longevity and luck.
 Thick wheat noodle Udon and buckwheat noodle Soba made in Sorachi are sold with the name of "Longevity"in this souvenir shop. A kind of them is flavoured with green horse radish.
The fireplace is decorated for Halloween, as well as the shops and restaurants.
 I have not heard of the Halloween party or "Trick or treat" events in this garden and Yuni Town but the atmosphere is so nice in this season even if the gardens are not filled with flowers.
Needless to say, a hot spring spa is near the garden with an accommodation. "Yunni-noYu" is the name of the spa. Many citizens of Yuni Town and neighbouring town visit the spa everyday, as well as the tourists dropping by. 
 Mr.Tadashi Ohkubo is the manager of the facility. He is very nice and gentle but does not lay his cards on the table.
To stay fit, it may be dangerous to visit Sorachi sub-prefectural area because it means to pack the extra pounds and expand our waistlines.
 I am getting hungry so please enjoy the photos of the facility.



I am missing the fireplace that warmed up our bodies and hearts in Canada. I get over last winter without using stove except for the time when my wife visited me. I was fine without stove last winter because the residents of downstairs warmed up their flat enough for the senior lady but I am not sure i can do the same again coming winter.

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