Shimamaki Youthhostel 2!

by Alan

Good evening!
Have you had a nice weekend?
Can you remember the youth hostel in Shimamaki Village that I report yesterday ?
Mmmmmmm very nice!
It seems that the son of the owner came back to help his parents run this hostel.
What a good son he is!
It is impossible to succeed in this business area by greasing someone's palms but the squeaky clean and attractive entrance is the first step to the success.this entrance was so nice to step in!
Preparing for winter, tons of logs are necessary to thrown into the stove of 10,000 US dollars. youth hostel chores are like the training of martial arts. The work requires the power of young male.
This sea kayak had not seen there before the son came back. Sea kayaking is the hobby of the son? 
This is the cove where my wife and I dived today. Some campers were there. The nearest hot spring bath is Chihase gawa  Onsen  on our way to the Garo Waterfall in this village. It is approximately fifteen minutes to reach there.
This cove was so nice to swim watching many kinds of fish. I want to stay here and dive again this year but the end of summer is coming.
Back to the entrance, it was like visiting friend's house and it seemed that many friends of the owner visited. 
The dinner was so delicious and started with tomato salad, sushi-grade fresh fish including shrimp, scallop and sea urchin. Tempura of prawn and veggies are what I gravitate to as well as grilled snapper.
I was seeking for the accurate name of this fish but all I got was   Hexagrammos otakii.
Fried aubergine, bell pepper and prawn were so nice with radish or salt.
The grade of the sea urchin was excellent. Scallop and shrimp were so sweet!
This is the common space for guests to watch the TV and read the books. The owner frequently have a chat with guests in this room watching TV. Good life !

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