Trekking in Sapporo! Mt.Maruyama

by Alan

It may be the most popular trekking course for the citizen of Sapporo City. The entrance is at the mountainside of Hokkaido Shrine in the west end of the downtown.
Various kinds of images of Buddha are along the trekking course to the peak.
Nowadays, brown bears were seen in the residential area facing Mt.Moiwa at the south of Mt.Maruyama, so the trekking courses in Mt. Moiwa are closed now.
Thanks to those sculptures of Buddha, this trekking course is not closed and no brown bears have not found around this area. 
Some old sculptures, the images of Buddha were in the small house at the entrance to avoid more erosion by rainfall, snowfall and wind.
So aged stone steps have been eroded very calmly in the forest.
The natural forest of Mt maruyama has many veterans in it. This tree is like the creature of another kind.
 A stone monument for the deity of this mountain is near the peak. "山神 Yamagami" is the stone inscription on the monument. Some people bowed in front of the stone like a worship.
Differnt from today's heavy rain in Sapporo City, it was so fine yesterday! It took 20 to 30 minutes to reach the peak.
 Many trekkers had lunch here on the top.
What a beautiful day it was!
It was not so humid and hot. Best condition for trekking. I love to live in Sapporo City even if we have heavy snow in winter!