Sapporp Autumn Fest 2012 !

by Kazu

Until today September 30(Sun.), culinary delights produced all over Hokkaido can be seen and tried in Odori Park in Sapporo City. On September 27(Thu.) , the stands selling the produce and products sourced in Sorachi sub-prefectural area increased and were beefed up.
From Bibai City,  chicken rice and skewered grilled chicken made by the well-established local restaurant "Tatsumi" and "Fukuyoshi" are sold in the stands at Odori 7-chome and 8-chome.
Tomato Ramen, egg noodle soup of Tsukigata Town was sold out on September 29(Sun.). Thank you very much for attention and contributions!
 Nanporo Town set the stand for selling Kimuchi, pickled cabbage or Chinese cabbage flavoured with red hot chili, and Jingisukan, lamb meat with special BBQ sauce. Of course, Kimuchi Ramen is the big draw of the day.
Yubari City set the stand to sell mainly "curry noodle soup in cooperation with well-founded restaurant Yoshinoya. It is different from the national famous fast-food diner chain Yoshinoya that provides with so-called Gyu-don, boiled beef and veggie rice bowl flavoured with broth and soy-sauce-based soup.
 Mr.Ueda is working for the municipality of Yubari after the city went bankruptcy. He did good job on the day as he has done in Yubari City so far.
Mikasa City sells black fried chicken called Sekitan Zangi which means coal fried chicken, skewered grilled chicken and chitterlings fire pot flavoured with chicken sauce.
Naganuma Town sells ice cream and veggies. Various kinds of flavours they have and strawberry taste sells like pancakes. Akabira City sells "Gan Gan Nabe" which means chitterlings and veggie fire pot. Mr.Sato next to my wife is the master player of nose flute and showed excellent performance in front of the booth for selling veggies produced in Yuni Town as other municipality like Naganuma Town, Iwamizawa City, Kuriyama Town, Takikawa City, Urausu Town and Sunagawa City. The food sold in each booth changed and filled up the booth every morning. Please visit Odori Park in Sapporo City today! Utashinai City sells pickled veggies as it does in New Chitose international Airport.

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