Torrents of water in Ashibetsu City !

 by Kazu

The Three Steps Waterfall called "Sandan-no-Taki" in Japanese in Ashibetsu City is along the Route 425 from Mikasa City to Ashibetsu City.
After the saturation rain came down in torrents, Ashibetsu river became like a bunch of serpents
with white splash in the mountain. This lookout for the water fall was not off-limits when I dropped by on my way of business jaunt to Ashibetsu City.
The river of brown swamped to the lookout after I left there.
Every weekend, many tourists drop by this area but only few groups were watching the torrent on September 12(Wed.).
 Even the white-rive-rafting crazy would  shun this flow.
Thanks to the high air-pressure system on Pacific Ocean, no typhoon hit Hokkaido Island so far but the humid air and low atmospheric pressure systems like tropical depressions are romping  
around Japan and hit some area with its guerrilla intensive saturation rainfall. Usually, the typhoons swipe off the low pressure and humid atmosphere around Japan but no typhoon have not worked out for that phenomenon so far this year.
Have a great weekend!