Quiz of the Month for September: Hint2!

by Kazu

Where is this place?
This bakery is in the facility of the quiz. Various kinds of breads are waiting for the guests who can recognize the difference of quality bread.
A movie film shooting was done near this facility. The movie focused on the papa-mama bakery and the relationship of the owner couple with the people.

Some visitors buy these breads for themselves and friends as souvenir.
These fruit and veggie jam shows the difference from ordinary bakeries.
 Local premium goods are sold in this facility.
The portrait of the patissier who supervised this patisserie is on the wall.
Have you got it?
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The present to the winner of the quiz has not been decided. In case I had backlogs up to ears, some kinds of coupon will go to the winner.If I find excellent item to present, the amuse will go to the winner.